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Nov 7, 2012 7:00pm PST
a new fiscal and political reality. >> that was snar patty murray who is more than willing to go off the cliff on january 1st if republicans continue to block an increase in the top income tax rates. she said that back in july and i'm sure many republicans who don't know her, didn't take her seriously then. but as the head of the democratic snoerl campaign committee this year, she just razed the number of rim senators to 20. when patty purry first won her seat in the senate in 1992, there were three woman senators. patty murray is one of the three power senators in the senate, if she's ready to go off the cliff, then she won't be going alone. >> do you think of yourself more as a thelma or a louise? >> well i've got the red hair. it is a noble thing to go off a cliff some time, but maybe it's not the perfect imagery. it's one of those things, i feel like the thing we need to get across to people as lovely as it is to say going off the cliff or whatever, this is a principled stand to make. this is not going off the cliff, you know, wiely e. coyote, it's trying to get the republican pa
Nov 28, 2012 9:00am PST
of income inequality. >> governor, we're going to have senator patty murray on the show in just a few minutes. in terms of getting this done, what do you think the president needs at this point? does he have all the arrows that he needs to get the tax cuts extended for the middle class and to expire for the upper income? >> he does if he's willing to use them. the part of this, the danger in this appeal, is that sometimes the president's going to have to go back to the same people that he's gining up here and saying you're going to take it a hit. the only way we will get this done. look, i think republicans are softening on increasing revenue, maybe voting for rates but only do it with significant spending cuts, particularly entitlements. it's going to be a quid pro quo. patty murray has to understand that, chuck schumer, all of our progressives and our party has to understand that. he has to make it work. only the president can do that. he has to use some of his arrows on his base. we don't have to get every democratic vote but we have to get more democrats to vote for this than repu
Nov 14, 2012 6:00am PST
figures. reaction to that and, of course, the fiscal cliff facing us all. we'll have senator patti murray to preview that. who will lead the democrats to a larger majority for 2013. plus, exit strategy one week after election day. what do voters' thoughts and some key questions tell us where the two parties are about where the country is moving on some serious policy issues? we'll show you the not so obvious differences between the swing states and the national averages. those numbers in today's deep dive. autopsy 2012. >>> also this hour, we're going to hear live from maine's independent senator elect, angus king, about which party he plans to caucus with in the senate. he has to make that decision. pretty obvious where he's going but he's creating some drama anyway. and then we're counting down to nancy pelosi's big announcement about her future. will she step aside as the top democrat in the house? we will learn that this hour. >>> good morning from washington. it's wednesday, november 14, 2012. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my first reads of the morni
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Nov 17, 2012 2:00am EST
other comment. this from patty murray. this is that taxing the wealthy is essentially more important than taxing the budget. now coming of the senate doesn't have any track record ofassing budgets. am ihe only person who is shocked by this? >> no. we can consult recent history to understand we haven't had a budget and more than three years , and that taxg the wealthy is one one of the things the democrats think what'll solve the problem. u're talking about $80 billion a year. $800 billion over 10 years. when you are trying to fill a hole that is $1.4 trillion, more or less of a the deficit. the math just doesn't work. you can also go back and make a simple point that this is going to cost jobs. if we raise taxes on the wealthy, you're talking about the congressional budget office. just the tech sites on the wealthy are going to cost up to 200,000 jobs. ernst & young said that it will cost 700,000 jobs. is this a time that we actually want to be costing jobs and the economy struggling to regain footing? gerri: sompeople say we are early in a recession. we've been talking about it a lo
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm PST
. poor patty murray. the senator from washington state. look at this. democrats beseech murray to take the job. nobody wants to be set up for failure. nobody wants to take on a job at which they are almost guaranteed to fail. and in 2010, the job of trying to secure democratic control of the senate in this year's election, seemed like a completely impossible prospect. look at this. democrats face an extremely tough map in 2012. the democrats must defend 23 seats while just ten republicans are up for re-election. no way, right? odds totally stacked against the democrats. no way democrats can hold the senate under those circumstances. that is how it looked when poor patty murray had to be beseeched into taking that job. it's not how it turned out. >> when harry asked me to take this on, there was not one, and i mean, no one who gave us a chance of keeping the majority. we played offense every day and we never let up and now joe donnelly and tammy baldwin and tim kaine, elizabeth warren, chris murphy, maizie orowno, they're all coming to join us in the senate. and along, of course, sherro
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Nov 12, 2012 11:00am EST
connell is so low today. connell: good morning, everybody. i am connell mcshane. patty murray says she is ready to play hardball when it comes to higher taxes on the rich. tim geithner on his way out. the choice to replace him, though, they say a lot about how the president plans to deal with wall street. the petraeus scandal deepening today. what the general knew about the benghazi attacks and when he knew it. we will talk with mike baker about that. bye-bye twinkie. how the unions may kill one of the countries most famous stacks. we will have that from dennis kneale. stocks now as we do every 15 minutes. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: we are in a moment of silence here on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we have down arrows. i will wait another few seconds before i continue. it is veterans day. that is our second moment of silence. the first was before the opening bell. we are seeing down arrows across the board. the dow jones industrials are down 25 points right now. we did not expect the moment of silence. sorry i made you wait.
FOX Business
Nov 15, 2012 8:00pm EST
murray and others are when they hinted that? >> well, when you talk about senator patty murray, she suggests that. if we get a better deal by going off a cliff, at least for the first two months, that is something we should look at doing if we don't get our preferred strategy and tax rates. beginning to see that with democrats as well. the president has not explicitly said that. is the president's willing to actually do that. we have a lot of negotiating at of us. we have this section at the white house where the four top congressional leaders will meet. it don't really expect anything to come out of that. neil: the speaker, mcconnell, harry reid, nancy pelosi. >> one congressional aide told me, it sounds like this early in the process, believe it not, talking about early in the process even though the fiscal cliff to six weeks away, probably get a lot of nodding to my throat clearing, declarations about what we have heard of the last week which is a reiteration of the same position. by the way, congress is not in next week. neil: by the way, is this a lunch? >> this is a bronze, i
Nov 13, 2012 12:00am PST
during the next 45 days, senator patti murray of washington suggested a backup plan. >> if the republicans will not agree with that, we will reach a point at the end of this year where all the tax cuts expired and will start over next year. whatever we do will be a tax cut for whatever package we put together. that may be the way to get past this. >> let's turn to leo gerard, president of the united steel workers. thank you for being here. labor literally is going to have a seat at the table tomorrow. what are the priorities when you go face to face with the president when your brothers and sisters go face to face with the president. what's the priority list? >> the priority is jobs, jobs, jobs and to make sure that the president moved forward as he talked about. we see what's happened to the countries that have tried austerity. it's important that the president do exactly what he said during the campaign. he won the election by being truthful with the american public. by talking about the tax breaks for the rich have to go the way of the do do bird and tax cuts for
Nov 11, 2012 9:00am EST
saxby chambliss and the senator responsible to adding to the democrat majority, senator patty murray. >>> representatives donna edwards and aaron schock, paul gigot, katrina vanden heuvel and greta van susteren. >>> hello, again. what a week in politics. with his victory in florida yesterday, president obama now has a sweep of the battlegrounds. 332 electoral votes. losing only indiana and north carolina from his 2008 total. the popular votes are still coming in. the president will come up about 8 million short of his 2008 tally. we'll discuss how obama did and what's next for the gop and the governing challenges ahead? >>> but first, that friday afternoon bombshell. david petraeus resigns at the cia after officials uncover his extramarital affair. . >> yes it came to light after a woman in tampa tied to military got a peculiar, harassing e-mail. she was so concerned, she contacted the fbi who according to our sources traced it back to paula broadwell. as the fbi continued to investigate, they discovered e-mails pointing to a romantic u sexual relationship between the two. early conc
Nov 14, 2012 4:00am PST
pennsylvania congressman allyson schwartz. patty murray is with us and director oliver stone. it is wednesday, november 14th. "starting point" begins right now. >> look at me i'm whistling our theme song this morning. you're watching "starting point." the scandal, and it's spreading, is now engulfing two four-star generals. there are some new details about the woman who is at the center of it all. her name is jill kelley. she is described as a tammpy socialite. she first reported she's anonymous harassing e-mails to an fbi agent friend, and that ended up triggering an investigation. those e-mails eventually turned out to be sent by paula broadwell. that would be david petraeus' biographer. and eventually turned out his mistress, as well. we mentioned it was a web, didn't i? and it is. the affair exposed general petraeus and he was forced to resign as the cia director. well, now the general john allen, who is the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, is being investigated for trading alleged quote flirtatious e-mails with ms. kelley over the last couple of years. we're hearing fr
Nov 10, 2012 2:00pm EST
retiring. patty murray is up for that seat. we say she is the favorite, and i agree. i do think there is a possibility she does not take it. last time i talk to her people but they told me that she had not made a decision yet. you have to realize, when she took the dscc job back in 2010 when harry reid twisted her arm, almost breaking it, to take the job, she basically got him to get her the veterans affairs panel. and this has been a pet issue of hers for her entire career. she is so committed to veterans issues that i am a little skeptical about whether or not she would want to give that up and do a thankless job like budget committee chairman -- jeff sessions will tell you until he is blue in the face -- democrats have not done a budget in about three years. unless there is a real commitment on the part of harry reid to do a budget in the next year, if he really wants to be serious about that, i don't know what decision she ends up making. >> she did not have too much fun chairing the super committee. >> this is the other thing. she often takes on these think was jobs. when s
Nov 18, 2012 8:00am PST
this will happen, but last week on the show with george stephanopoulos, senator patty murray said she thought if you don't have a deal by december 31st, we should just fall into the fiscal cliff, fall off the fiscal cliff. >> we have to make sure that the wealthiest americans pay their fair share. if the republicans will not agree with that, we will reach a point at the end of this year where all the tax cuts expire and we'll start over next year. >> do you agree with that? >> well, i think she was stating a fact. if we don't have a deal by december 31st, we will go over the fiscal cliff. >> if you don't get a deal, are you willing to just walk away? >> well, the -- i want a deal. i want -- >> i know you want a deal, but would you be willing to just say if we don't get what we want -- >> i don't think that's -- in my view, as one seat at the table, i don't think it's my role to go to the table with a threat. i think it's my role to go to the table with some ideas to be receptive to what we can come to agreement on. i'm not criticizing statements others make, but what i am saying is that there
Nov 27, 2012 9:00am PST
of the key players in the fiscal cliff negotiations right here on "now" when senator patty murray joins us tomorrow at noon eastern. >>> and coming up after their romney nominee received just over a quarter of the latino vote republicans say they're ready to put up when it comes to comprehensive immigration reform. what are they doing about it? so far putting up a lot of window dressing. the display when telemundo's jose diaz-balart joins us ahead. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... [ male announcer ] at humana, we understand the value of quality time and personal attention. which is why we are proud to partner with health care professionals who understand the difference that quality time with our members can make... that's a very nice cake! ohh! [ giggles ] [ male announcer ] humana thanks the physicians, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists and other health professionals who helped us achieve the highest average star rating among national medicare companies... and become the first and only national medicare advantage company to achieve a 5-
Nov 28, 2012 8:00am PST
. next hour on "now" with alex wagner, she'll speak with senator patty murray. at 1:00 p.m., debt commission co-chair allan simpson joins andrea mitchell. e your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. now we need a little bit more... [ male announcer ] at humana, we understand the value of quality time and personal attention. which is why we are proud to partner with health care professionals who understand the difference that quality time with our members can make... that's a very nice cake! ohh! [ giggles ] [ male announcer ] humana thanks the physicians, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists and other health professionals who helped us achieve the highest average star rating among national medicare companies... and become the first and only national medicare advantage company to achieve a 5-star rating for a medicare plan... your efforts result in the quality of care and service we're able to provide... which means better hea
Nov 7, 2012 1:00pm EST
senator patty murray. congratulations are in order. everyone is saying you recruited the women, a lot of other good candidates, got a lot of luck because a little bit of luck at least because of those two republican male candidates who really offended a lot of people with their comments on rape. but the wins were there for the democrats. >> well, i think a lot of good things came together and the most important thing is really good people said they would run from joe donnelly in indiana to tim kaine in virginia to all the great women you mentioned including heidi heiden camp who's going to win and what their common base was that they wanted to come together to help our country work, to make sure we move forward in a positive direction and that is a great message out of the wins across the board, is the democratic party has said this country needs to work every step of the way. they do that and we can all move forward. >> now, when we think back to some of the women's issues, issues of concern to people with certain values, women and men, when we think back to sarah fluke incident you
Nov 8, 2012 10:00am EST
in the senate. with senate democrats adding two seats -- harry reid, dick durbin, chuck schumer, patty murray will be carried on people's shoulders to reelection as leaders. i don't really see any changes there. one thing we were hearing yesterday on the republican side, because they lost two seats, especially in states like montana and north dakota -- i did not think anybody is blaming john cornyn, the chairman, where they lost in missouri -- where candidates made flubs and that turned the race against them. but in red states where republicans should do well like montana and north dakota, they did not win those races. we were hearing yesterday that people were starting to talk about whether or not they want to make a change there. now, and ultimately think you are not going to find anybody who either has the juice of the power base or frankly the bravery to actually challenge cornyn, but it is interesting people are talking about it. >> just to reiterate it, cornyn does not want to do the republican campaign -- >> i am working on lack of sleep, too. he is running for whip. jon kyl is retirin
Nov 8, 2012 3:00am PST
. it took quite a bit of cajoling and probably some other devices. i don't know. to get patty murray to do that and she did it. she was part of another wave of women who came to the senate and redefined the idea of a woman in the senate. that sort of concept that you didn't need in every respect and i don't want to be stereotypical here, full on brassy person, you could be sort of a more familiar looking suburban type person, a woman and be in the senate and be effective. she's highly effective on the fund-raising, recruitment and strategic approach to these races. i would say from a completely nonpartisan point of view, you have to look at what she did what was placed upon her the burden of this. the reluctance to take it. >> absolutely right. she had just come off an incredibly difficult re-election that we were working with her so closely on and so she was just dragging. >> yes. >> to take this on. you mentioned when she came in, it's hard to believe this. i think about just stunning. she came in and what was called t
FOX Business
Nov 12, 2012 9:00pm EST
to talk to you about patty murray in th senate he said, was distraught over the fisc cliff. >> we can to accept an unfair deal that tells all of this on the middle-class and tells them they have to support it. we have to make sure that t wealthiest americans pay their fair share. if the republicans wil not agree with that, we will reach a point at the end of this year where all the tax cuts expired and we will start over next year gerri: and she likes that idea. let's just drive over the fiscal cliff. is that an option? >> it is an otion, both politically and economically it will be a mistake because the president learned from the dbt shut down. there is a big car full of congress and no deal and it's all poisonous, he is heard as well as congress. he has to be aware of that. and just the economic efects. we have seen some of the effects of the uncertaiy now. just imagine going into january with these rates going up. the democrats and he president would try to blame republicans, but it's tricky when you have democrats out tere frontally, likehe senator saying, this is a big part of ou
FOX Business
Nov 15, 2012 7:00pm EST
to believe he will do just. lou: senator patty murray, wants to be the chair of the senate budget committee but of dollars that she cannot commit to actually passing a budget. what are we doing with your? >> we are dealing with a bunch of adolescents in the united states senate who don't leave. the congressional budget office is very clear. it is the law of the land he'd have to pass a budget. harry reid hasn't passed a budget and over three years. lou: oh, please, you're just being unrealistic in their expectations. [laughter] human traditions, you are values that our lawmakers to actually follow the law. is that too much to ask? we have had trillion dollar deficits for the last four years. they are protecting the trillion dollar deficits for the next four years. lou: when we come back and i want to talk to you about benghazi, petraeus, and the degree to which we should expect anyone to pay attention to what would be the impact if the president has his way on taxes and the house republican leadership paid-in and simply accede to his wishes without concerning themselves with the consequence
FOX Business
Nov 16, 2012 8:00pm EST
that no deal would be better than a cobble together ppony one. some democrats, not all, patty murray bursaries is in washington. the republicans -- trying to piece together a deal more to their liking. in other words, if the scope clip could be done for them. >> isn't good for them. he tells his people that there's going to have to be an insurance of entitlement reform to go along with revenue increases. now, you may not be seeing it, because it's very hard the way the president does this negotiation. for that to come out and for people to understand that. but it is going on. it is going on today. the speaker of the house revealed that there is a way to bridge the gap between phase one and phase two. phase one being a small package that gets rid of things and the big package, there is a way that we have iivented at the bipartisan policy center. we are very proud of it. it is an accelerated regulatory process. it is a good and exciting thing that we think will work. so i'm going to keep pushing. i have done it for 2.5 years. everything is on the table, mr. president. neil: senator, it better be
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 158 (some duplicates have been removed)